My Process

I start by using various tools to sculpt, shape and build up a surface and texture.  Materials I use include many layers of acrylic paint, plaster, and graphite markings.  The appearance and feel of a painting can change drastically several times as my work continues.  The process of discovering a harmony of texture and color is very exciting for me.  I am often delighted by what is revealed when selected areas are carved and scraped away.  Or, when new colors and textures are applied.  After many surprises with addition and subtraction, a piece eventually comes to completion.

This present style of abstract painting evolved from my experience of doing plein-air landscape painting and faux painting for several years.  Over time, I became increasingly fascinated with the unlimited abstractions, both natural and man made, which are all around us.  I have found inspiration in such surfaces as weathered walls or sidewalks, in the play of light on a meadow, or in the folds of a piece of fabric.

My work is currently being shown in these galleries:

Art 3 Gallery
Manchester, New Hampshire

Hourglass Gift Gallery
Melrose, Massachusetts

Marshall Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona